‘Heads Held High’ – the fantastic new album from The Past Tense For me, this quite simply is the contemporary album of the year so far [Read More...]
Putney Half Moon. A night to remember
Next up it's The Past Tense and they nailed it tonight with the best performance I've seen from the band yet. Starting with the fantastic "Lost Without Your Love", they power through their tight, perfectly formed little nuggets such as "Poison Arrow" and "My Baby". They play a catchy new song called "Remember The Days", and follow that with even more great songs, "Angel Face", "The Optimist" and the classic "The Wolfman". The band end on "Jimmy's Love Song", a tribute to Quadrophenia, with it's urgent, strummed guitar intro it really raised the temperature. They got a well deserved encore too and treated us to "Out Of My Mind" before disappearing to wild applause.
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Then - and I'm sure this had something to do with the arrival of my friend Dave - the evening suddenly shifted up a gear. Main support the Past Tense powered through one monster tune after another - seek out the astonishing 'Wolfman' - I think there's a couple of versions on YouTube. This was the most successful marriage so far that night of melody and muscle. They are lucky to have one of those drummers who might be moving so fast he could be having an episode, yet every clash and pound is floor shaking and absolutely precise. The fact that (as I found afterwards) he rejoices in the name of 'Nuts' only adds to his charismatic allure. [Read More...]
Royale Records Launch Night
The Kingston three-piece were on fire and the occasion, along with the limited set time, just seemed to spur them on to a faultless show. [Read More...]
The Sharpest of new mods make an impressive first appearance !! [Read More...]
Catchy Tunes
I caught The Past Tense supporting Len Price 3 at the Fiddler's Elbow and as I mentioned in that review, I kind of regretted not paying more attention or taking the opportunity to chat to the band. Mainly because it wasn't until later that I realized I couldn't get a few of their hooks and melodies out of my head and friends were talking about what a great warm-up to the LP3 they were, with their catchy garage psych songs.

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