Debut CD Out NOW

You may have noticed that our CD singles Feeling Bad and Wolfman are no longer available. This is because our debut CD "Take Three" was officially release yesterday 14 May 2012. 12 tracks of Powerpop, Mod, Garage Rock and all things inbetween.

The CD is released on the Pasiley Archive Via Detour Records. Go here to get it

You can also get it via Amazon if you fancy.

And it is of course available as a download via iTunes here. . You can also listen to snippets here of the whole album which I'm sure will persuade you its money well spent !

We would like to take the opportunity here to thank everyone for supporting us over the last 18 months. You all know who you are, and an especially big thanks to everyone who came to the gig at the Putney Half Moon last week. It was a real pleasure playing to all you lovely people.








Where have we been, I hear you cry.

Well, after a well earned break, we are back with a bang.

First a gig at the Half moon Putney. See flyer. Start the bank holiday weekend with us and the Len Price 3. If last time is anything to go by it will be a blast.

Second the CD will be upon you shortly. Take Three has 12 tracks released on Paisley Archive via the mighty Detour Records. Hopefully its at the pressing plant now so its just a case of scheduling its release in with the other releases on the label. Watch this space for the release date.

We've had a fantastic write up on or last gig via RETROMAN blog. Go here to read and see pictures on yours truly. Thanks Steve and Paul

More gigs and news to follow.








Christmas Cheer

Hi Everyone

First of all a big thanks to everyone who has attended a gig, played our tracks, set up a gig or had good things to say about the band. 2011 was one of the best years for being in a band that we can remember and its thanks to friends old and new that its been such a blast.

As predicted the vinyl LP "Keep Off The Grass" sold out in days. If anyone needs a copy we might be able to lay our hands on a couple but they are strictly for Past Tense people. If you want one you'd better contact us asap.

If you want to know more about the band, Andy did an online interview for a website blog. Heres the link if you want to read more.

2012 is looking like eclipsing 2011. First of all our debut CD is to be released. We were going to do a DIY release but a local, well established mod label have indicated they would like to do a limited run of the CD. Watch this space.

We have also got the possibilty of being taken on by a promotions company to set up gigs. Again watch out for the gigs list on the site and through Andy on facebook.

Finally we want to say personal thank yous to Joel Rodgers for setting up and putting us on the Steve Diggle gig in August, an amazing night all round, to Steve Worrall for Setting up the Len Price 3 gig at the half moon in Putney and to Alan May at 6Towns Radio for playing our tracks recently which has started the 2012 ball rolling.

Upwards and Onwards

The Past Tense




If any of you are at a loose end on sunday nights between 7pm - 9pm we suggest you go to 6 towns radio and listen to the fantastic Glory Boy Mod radio show. Hosted by Alan May the show plays non stop mod revival, 60's, powerpop etc. Every tracks an winner. He has a fondness for The Past Tense too so its win, win win.

Heres the link.




Release Date Imminent

Not long to go till the release of our cover version of Shattered on the mighty Fruits De Mer vinyl only double LP "Keep Of The Grass"

Heres a video sample of the track.

You can also view it on our videos page

Go Here to the Fruits De Mer webiste for more info

More news as we get it




Recording and Releasing

Well, The gig offers are still flying in. Thanks to everyone who puts us on the bill and those who come to see us play. A few more gigs on the gigs page but after that a short break to finish our debut CD. Recording is almost done, so with a strong wind behind us a release date for early in the new year should be achievable. A what a collection of tracks it is. You won't be disappointed.

The release of our track on the legendary Fruits De Mer Records is almost upon us. We have specially recorded an obscure psychedilc track called "Shattered" by The Good Feelin's, which most of you will never have heard before.  The track appears on a double VINYL only LP. This will sell out on pre-orders so if you aren't a member of the Fruits De Mer club you won't get one. That is unless you tell us as we have been offered some copies before they are offered to everyone else. Contact us for details. Its a double LP on coloured vinyl. More info on the FDM website. The LP is called "Keep Of The Grass". 

Don't forget our gigs in Kingston at the end of the month and at The Putney Half moon in October. See the gigs guide.

Thats all for now.





Well. the Steve Diggle gig was a blinder. Thanks to everyone who took part, from the bands to the audience. FANTASTIC night all round.

We seem to have a min tour on our hands now as the word gets round that we are well worth a look.

The dates so far

FRIDAY - 26 August - Fighting Cocks - Kingston - With The Pricillas

WEDNESDAY - 7 September - 12 Bar Club - London - With The Fallen Leaves

THURSDAY - 15 September - Alley Cat - London

FRIDAY - 30 September - Fighting Cocks - With The Witchdokters

FRIDAY - 14 October - Half Moon - Putney - With The Len Price 3


Our Album shouldbe ready by the end of the year. Three more tracks - Fighting My Way Back, Lost Without Your Love and Angel Face in progress.

Once again thanks for your support







Internet Radio - the way forward

Hi Everyone

All sorts of going on's in the past tense camp at the moment. First we have had WOLFMAN just released on a compilation CD called "You got your PUNK in my GARAGE" This is volume 3 of the garage hideout "best of" compilations. Check out the artwork and site here.

Internet radio are hitting on our tracks. Check out "way off the grid" radio and now Radio 666 Trafalgar Radio. Just stream Vol 22. We are the last track of the night .. Listen online or download podcast.

Preparations continue a pace for the Steve Diggle Support. New songs to introduce and the tightest we have ever been (and thats not Andy's Wallet). Get your tickets now.





Its not far away - The STEVE DIGGLE support

Hey hey we're The Past Tense and we've got some news for you.

We are one of the official support acts for the mighty Steve Diggle (and you all know who he is !!). Its a big one for us. Come down and join us. 

The tickets are in advance. Get them now. There are only 200 available. Its gonna sell out big time.

Theres also a rumour that Mick Talbot (local boy coming home) is being courted to play too.

C'mon, support local live music.


New Tracks - The Sky's The Limit

Well six new tracks now under construction at Past Tense Central. The first is actually a cover of The Kidda Band's "Fighting My Way Back" which will be aired at our forthcoming gig on 4th June. The rest will be unleashed over the coming months. You have been warned.

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