Its READY. RELEASE DATE MONDAY 17 FEBRUARY. Early orders will all be sent out this FRIDAY !

Finally after months of hard work the joint single between us and the LOOP is finally ready for release. They are ready to go and can be ordered NOW on our store page. We are doing the internet sales for both bands so this is the place to come. Just choose what you version you want, pick the right postage options and away you go.

The first 100 of each release include a special NUMBERED insert only. A red LOOP insert with the Red vinyl LOOP version and a yellow PAST TENSE insert with the Yellow vinyl PAST TENSE version. In addition the first 40 Past Tense singles include a VERY LIMITED Numbered PAST TENSE photo. The singles will be available at gigs but we don't know how long the numbered versions will last !! ORDER NOW.  


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