Its OUT NOW and its as cheap as chips. The PAST TENSE 6 track live CD is in our store. Recorded at the HALF MOON, Putney in September 2014. Only 100 copies. When its gone, its gone. Order NOW.

Big thanks to Steven Tagg-Randall for the recording and Steve Worrall for putting on the show and for the front and back cover pictures.


Its been nearly three years but the new PAST TENSE CD will be out very shortly !!. Titled "HEADS HELD HIGH" it features 13 tracks of our usual brand of mixed up styles of music. From the Motown sounding "No apologies", the Style council..ish "Putney Sunrise" to the New Wave riffs of The Only Ones etc, there will be something for everyone. Final mix to be completed this week. The cover design is coming along as well so with a fair wind behind us we should be ready to go to the presses in the next few weeks and look to get it released sometime in April. 





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