All good things must come to an end and so it does for our four gigs in four weeks through October. We had a blast. Again thanks to all of you who travelled to see us at the 12 Bar Club, The Half Moon or The Grey Horse. We go on about this but it really means a lot to the band to see friends old and new to have a chat and a laugh. Special thanks goes to the 2 Marks from the great band, the Lemontops, who came from Middlesborough, Andy from Fruits De Mer Records all the way from the U.S.A and to Dizzy and Tania from Detour Records who came to the Royale Records Launch.

No Gigs in November yet !!!! (Email or call us if you need us), so a chance to work on the new material that we have been playing around with over the summer. Two new tracks are finished and were showcased at the Grey Horse. No apologies and Remember the Days. Thanks for the great response to them. We think they fit in well so are now part of the ever expanding list of songs available to play at gigs. Three more new tracks are almost there and will be made ready over the coming weeks. Who knows we may even play one or two at our December gigs !

Talking of December gigs don't forget we are playing with the fantastic LOOP in Cambridge on Saturday 1st December. Its at the Corner House, pop in if you are in the area. Then our big local Christmas bash at the Half Moon Putney featuring Us, The Len Price 3, The Fallen Leaves and The Legendary Groovymen. A definate date for your diary of Friday 7th December. This is gonna be big people.

Upwards and onwards. KTF




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