Well. the Steve Diggle gig was a blinder. Thanks to everyone who took part, from the bands to the audience. FANTASTIC night all round.

We seem to have a min tour on our hands now as the word gets round that we are well worth a look.

The dates so far

FRIDAY - 26 August - Fighting Cocks - Kingston - With The Pricillas

WEDNESDAY - 7 September - 12 Bar Club - London - With The Fallen Leaves

THURSDAY - 15 September - Alley Cat - London

FRIDAY - 30 September - Fighting Cocks - With The Witchdokters

FRIDAY - 14 October - Half Moon - Putney - With The Len Price 3


Our Album shouldbe ready by the end of the year. Three more tracks - Fighting My Way Back, Lost Without Your Love and Angel Face in progress.

Once again thanks for your support







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