Hi Everyone.

Just a quick update to things happenning at PAST TENSE HQ.

First of all the vinyl single with the LOOP has been selling really well. Thanks to everyone who has bought one, Its really appreciated. We've had great feed back and got a great review in Record Collector.


Our next gig is the DETOUR records showcase on Saturday 2nd August headlined by the "Self Preservation" line up of THE CLIQUE. This is not to be missed.

Recording/releases update.

First we have a track on the MARCH OF THE MODS 2014 double CD. Its coming out very soon. Go to for more details

We are very excited about the second release as its so "off the wall". We are releasing a flexi disc. To be more precise we are 1 disc of a 9 flexi disc box set that is coming out on Fruits De Mer Records around November. We've done a cover version of an old freakbeat track and given it "The Past Tense" treatment. The plan for the box set is 9 different bands all with 1 flexi disc each, 9 card inserts and a CD of all the tracks in a clam type box. The estimated price is £25 + postage. These will be very limited so we will only order enough to cover demand. If you want one just let someone in the band know over the next couple of months.

The new album has 10 tracks awaiting final mixing. A couple more tracks to be recorded and then it will be ready. A release date of late 2014/early 2015 is looking likely. Some of you may have seen the photos of Paul (Superminx) Osborn recording some vocals with us. His contribution is really appreciated.

Finally thanks to everyone who took part in or organised the MARCH OF THE MODS gigs in March,  thanks to Rob and friends for the lovely weekend we had at Clacton in March, to Albert for letting us submit the regulars of The Putney Club to some proper music and to Plastic Pop records for the gig at the Dublin Castle in May.  

Its been a fun few months. Heres to many more

The Past Tense


 Who's got this in their diary?





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