Hi Everyone

There really are too many people to thank individually this year so to anyone who has:

a) come to a gig

b) released anything

c) set up a gig

d) played us on the radio, internet or otherwise

e) bought our CD's

f) laughed with or AT us

g) played a gig with us

h) lent us amps etc to use at a gig

i) conversed with any of the band on facebook etc

j) listened to us "rabbit on" when we have had one too many beers

k) reviewed our live shows or CD's

all we can say is THANK YOU. 2012 has been a blast. You all know who you are and it wouldn't have been the same without you.

2013 is starting quietly with no gigs planned until Mid March. Then we start on a run in March, going in to April, May and June. We will keep you posted.

2013 will definately see some new songs and recordings. Watch this space

Have a great christmas and new year.

KTF- Andy, Ken and Nuts







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